Mexico Chiapas

Mexico Chiapas


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Origin Profile:  North America
Country:  Mexico
Region:  Chiapas
Grower:  many small farmers
Cooperative:  UNECAFE
Altitude:  900 to 1600 meters above sea level
Varietal:  Typica, Criollo, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, and Caturra
Processing:  Fully Washed and Sun Dried
Roast Profile:  Medium
Cupping notes: Toffee, lemon, and nut.

UNECAFE is one of the rising cooperatives in Mexico. Formed just five years ago in 2011, they have grown to almost 2200 member farmers, but more intriguingly, they include nearly 40% women farmers among their ranks. This is not typical in Central and South America, and the co- op certainly deserves credit for their efforts toward gender equality.

Also intriguing to us is the ethnic makeup of UNECAFE, which is run by members of the Chatino, Zapoteco, Mixteco, Chontal, and Chinanteco indigenous groups.

Collectively, UNECAFE cultivates more than 13,359 acres of coffee. The co-op places emphasis on economic development in their home region, agroforestry and carbon sequestration projects, as well as support for The Chatino Center for Ecological Agriculture, The Community Learning Center, and The Coffee and Sustainable Development Fund.

We have featured Mexican coffee in the past, but not often, as the quality is not always what we would like. While Mexico’s notoriety as an origin of distinction is improving, the country has a long way to go in many regards. We found this one to have many of the traits we look for in fine Guatemalan coffees; it is mild and fairly sweet, with a subtle citrus tang. We are excited to bring in UNECAFE’s coffees for the first time, and look forward to growing with them.

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