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Magic Beans Coffee Roasters’ mission is to bring single-origin coffees of exceptional value to Lexington, to roast them in small batches, and to deliver them to consumers immediately after roasting for optimal freshness. While our focus is on serving coffee lovers in Central Kentucky, we will ship coffee anywhere in the United States (or to military addresses abroad) through our subscription service, the Origin Explorers Club.

The Origin Explorers Club

We want to offer some distinctive and unusual coffees not often seen in Central Kentucky: exquisite single-farm coffees, rare “micro-lot” offerings, and new coffees from emerging producers. To increase the variety of offerings we can present, we have created the Magic Beans Origin Explorers Club. Each month, we will be featuring a different single-origin coffee as our special selection of the month. Each month’s selection will come with tasting notes, brewing recommendations, and information about the region or specific farm where the coffee was grown and the people who produced it. Subscriptions will be available on a monthly recurring basis.

Our Roasting Studio

Our roasting facility, which we have dubbed the “Roasting Studio,” is located inside the Bread Box building on Sixth and Jefferson streets in Lexington, Ky. This tiny, 324-square-foot space provides just enough room to house our Sivetz quarter-bag coffee roaster, our coffee-packaging setup, and several thousand pounds of coffee.

We aren’t a “coffee shop.” We don’t sell lattes. We don’t have seating. In fact, we don’t even have regular hours. The only time we turn the lights on is when we’re roasting coffee. You can buy our coffee by the bag in whole-bean form at the tap room of the brewery, or in several other retail locations throughout Lexington.

Keeping overhead to the barest minimum gives us the flexibility to roast as much or as little coffee as we are able to sell while it is still at the peak of freshness. Instead of spending more money on rent, utilities, and employees, we’ll be able to spend that money on better coffee beans. This enables us to offer exceptional coffees at a very reasonable price.

Fluid-Bed Roasting: More Than Just Hot Air

We are the only coffee roaster in Lexington using the “fluid-bed” roasting technology first patented by Michael Sivetz in 1976. This technology uses a stream of rapidly moving, superheated air to roast coffee. We find that hot-air roasting results in a more evenly roasted and cleaner-tasting product that better highlights the unique and delicate characteristics of different single-origin coffees. Our quarter-bag Sivetz roaster roasts about 38 pounds of coffee at a time. It was built by hand in 2006, under the supervision of Michael Sivetz, engineer and leading consultant to the coffee industry for more than four decades.

Magic Beans Coffee Co. (1999-2001)

The original Magic Beans Coffee Co. operated as a coffeehouse in Lexington from 1999 to 2001. It had as its stated mission: “To serve the best coffee in Lexington, and to provide a shared space to encourage the growth of community, creative expression, friendly competition and social experimentation.” We hope to carry on in that tradition, guided by the passion for coffee quality that was its inspiration.